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Post  _- Mя.Їй$aйїту -_ on Sun Jul 24, 2011 8:37 pm

Well first off as you can see each person gets there own rank blah blah blah long story short it is just a post count "Mainly" unless you get a special rank.... the rank increases as your posts increase.

As for medals this is what they look like and how to get them:
To use these medals just wait to be told you can put them in your signature!

Medals and Ranks 4462084070_a21cb4e70f_o <---- King Poster: Have most posts (Max of 5 People can have this like a top 5 posters thing)

Medals and Ranks 4461308387_758cb70b45_o <----- King Recruiter: Have the most recuirts (Max of 5 people can have this)

Medals and Ranks 4462083886_17546483ef_o <----- Member of The month: Well kinda explians its self but its for who ever we(admins/council) feel has excelled above all to go out of their way to help someone or do something GREAT!

Medals and Ranks Moderator20badge <------ Moderators Badge: Well Given to Moderators only....

Medals and Ranks 20110430_a914d69d17457d75e2dbdDbaZ43JnlKO <------- King of Rep: One of the top five people with highest reputation.

Medals and Ranks 20110430_e63fbde89d16ea669f02zBL6t8XBpoFg <------- [No Name]: [no way to get it yet]

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_- Mя.Їй$aйїту -_
_- Mя.Їй$aйїту -_

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